Tuesday, 22 December 2015

OUGD503 Individual Practice, Eurojust - Research (Studio Brief One)

Current Logo design.

This is Eurojusts current logo design. To me, it looks very tacky and almost as if it was done on MS Paint. The typeface does fit with the illustrations, however I wouldn't particularly say that that is a good thing, as the illustrations are quite poor. The colours used do, however, work successfully together. The yellow and blue are there as they are the colours of the European flag, although I'm not sure the reason behind the red box. One of Eurojusts competition requirements is to include the European stars on the flag, meaning my own design would probably be most successful if I stick to the colours yellow and blue.

Logo design.

Before beginning my own logo design process, I thought it would be beneficial to look into logo designs that already exist for big corporations. Below is the logo design for Avivo. Avivo is an independant branding and creative technology company. Their logo design is very successful and the icon fits incredibly well with the typeface. Their colour scheme also seems to be fluent with the rest of their identity, although their website is currently under maintenance. This logo is successful as it can be used as both a text and image logo, but also just an image and it is still recognisable.

Below is the logo design for a website entitled 'Acapo', which is a business that focuses on design, trademarks and IP strategy. Their logo design is recognisable, slick and efficient. It's very memorable and works very successfully on their website. Their colour scheme is quite earthy tones, which is successful as the business they specialise in is quite a stressful environment, and therefore their logo design and website have a calming effect. 

This logo design is for a company entitled 'newwave' and was designed by George Bokhua. The design is very successful as the name relates perfectly to the design - as the wave is shown between the 'w' on the word 'new' and the 'w' on the word 'wave'. This is also made apparent with the use of colour, as both letterforms are the colour blue. It's a symbolic logo design, and it's very effective - although I can't find anywhere what the logo was designed for. 

I found this logo design on DesignInspiration.net. I think it's really successful as it uses the negative space in between the letterforms 'O' and 'R' to create a lightning bolt symbol. The typeface used is a sans serif and is very bold. It works very successfully with the thinner typeface used below. It works well displayed on the black background with the texture.

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