Sunday, 15 February 2015

OUGD406 Synesthesia (Studio Brief One)

To get us in the right mindset to respond visually to music, we used synesthesia. I knew what this was as I did a similar task in Art Foundation. It's basically using one of the five senses to influence another sense. So in this instance, we were using hearing to influence touch.

To begin this task, we listened to each song fully and also watched the music videos if the song had a video. The first response was to The Maccabees - Go. We were asked to draw lines, dots, triangles and circles. I think it was really interesting to do this kind of design for this song as it was quite relevant as I believe the song to be about nature and the geometric shapes worked pretty well. We passed the sheet around the class 4 times, each time someone new would have to draw something and add to the artwork.

We then listened to Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer. For this, we were asked to draw objects and imagery that we heard in the song. Also, Simon was making the music quieter and louder in certain parts, and we had to respond to the change of volume with our drawings. This made for quite an interesting piece of artwork, as people responded very differently on my sheet of paper.

We then responded to The Chemical Brothers - Let Forever Be. For this particular album cover design, we were asked to draw objects that we saw in the music video, mainly trying to draw without looking at the paper and just focusing on the music video. I think this response worked really well as the space of the vinyl design was used really effectively by everyone that drew on my sheet of paper. I particularly liked all the abstract shapes and the use of different colours of weights of the pens used.

For the next vinyl design, we had to respond to St. Vincent - Digital Witness. We were told not to use any ink, however to use the pens we had to make indents in the paper and create interesting shapes. The next person was then asked to fold the sheet of paper to the music. I think this created really interesting shapes and indents in the paper which could be useful when designing my own vinyl.

We then responded to The Supremes - Reflections. We were asked to use typography to express the feelings of the song. For this, myself and the people who wrote on my sheet of paper wrote out particular words that stuck out to them in the song. I think it was really effective as the space was utilised really successfully - although I would have to be less obvious if I actually used this idea for a development, as the rules state that you aren't allowed to use the title of the song.

The next song that we responded to was Underworld - Born Slippy (NUXX). In pairs, one person had to hold a pen very still and the other person moved the paper underneath the pen. This was interesting as the person with the paper had all the control. It was quite a tricky task, however I think it was very successful as the song is all about addiction to alcohol and I think the very rough lines represent the feeling of being drunk. 

We then listened to The Rolling Stones - Dead Flowers. For this image, we had to draw using a continuous line. I don't particularly like my response for this vinyl cover, however I liked the shapes and patterns that other people responded to.

We then stuck all of our responses on the wall in the studio which I found really useful as I got to see how everyone else had responded to the music and they were very varied.

I found this exercise incredibly useful as it made me think a lot about thinking visually and how I would go about creating my vinyl designs. It was also interesting to look at everyones responses, as a lot of them were incredibly different for each song, which I thought was really interesting as we were all listening to the same song.

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