Thursday, 12 February 2015

OUGD404 Book Content Ideas (Studio Brief Two)

To begin my idea generation, I am going to look into things that interest me and hopefully base my book content on one of them. To start the process, I am going to create a mindmap of some things that could be relevant for my book.

I thought about doing a book about skate as I have quite a few friends that skate and I really enjoy the fashion. I have previously made a video advertising Carhartt based on skate and I think it could work really well as a publication. This is the video that I created.

I also have considered creating a book based on movies. I think this could be quite interesting if I reviewed films that are relevant to typesetting. For example, I could review the movie 'Orphan' to display my knowledge of orphans in type.

I also had a look at some websites that I browse regularly, for example The Daily Street. I think this would be really interesting to create a book for as I find the content really interesting, and it would also be helpful as I wouldn't have to create my own content, I could just typeset it in my book. I think this is the idea that I want to go forward with. I think I will create an annual book of the 10 most successful blogposts. As The Daily Street is based on The Daily News, I think it would be interesting to create my book in a similar style as the newspaper, however not stick to it too closely, for example I won't use as many columns, however I will consider using a similar stock to newspapers.

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