Thursday, 12 February 2015

OUGD404 Typesetting, Study Task Three (Studio Brief Two)

We were given the task to descramble the poem 'A Mouse's Tale' from the book Alice in Wonderland and told to typeset it using both modern and postmodern principles. We began by sketching out how we wanted to design our modernist page. We settled on a two column grid because we thought it would be the most pleasing to the eye as there would be a lot of negative space around the bodytext. We also decided to use Helvetica as it's a very slick, modern typeface. We also decided we would keep the type left-alligned and make the rag as neat as possible.

This is our final typeset. When we presented it, people said that they thought it was really effective but if they were to change one thing they would change the bold on the Authors name. I agree with this as it is a little harsh on the eyes. We found it really tricky as a group for the poem to work effectively and also have a neat rag but I feel like we did really well in the end.

Then for our postmodern design, we decided to not use a grid and have the type in a kind of mouse's tail style. Apparently this is what the original book is like, however it is set out differently. We got this idea from the title of the story 'A Mouse's Tale'. We chose to use the typeface Garamond as it's not a very modern typeface, however it is a classic - similar to the book.

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