Sunday, 15 February 2015

OUGD406 Interim Crit (Studio Brief One)

For this group crit, we had to lay out the designs that we had come up with so far and write out five questions that we wanted people to answer about them. Then the class went around and answered each question for the questions posed.

Question 1: Which song do you think these responses are for?
  • The Chemical Brothers - Let Forever Be, because there's lots of links to the music video.
  • St. Vincent - Digital Witness, because of the consistent link to technology.
  • Underworld or The Chemical Brothers, because it looks almsot digital and looks almost like it's been distorted.
  • The Chemical Brothers, because the clock reminds me of the video.

I found these responses really interesting as they were all for the song Digital Witness by St. Vincent, which made me think some of the designs could be classed as unsuccessful, or could also be classed as successful as it's supposed to be quite tricky to figure out which song the vinyl design is for.

Question 2: Is the design of the clock obvious that it is based on insomnia?
  • Not obvious that it's based on insomnia, but I think this design makes it more obvious that it's about The Chemical Brothers.
  • No, it just reminds me of The Chemical Brothers music video.
  • It's not obvious but I don't think it has to be. It's subtle, in a good way.
  • I think 2 and 4 are definitely obvious.
  • I don't think it's obvious, however I don't think it looks like an album cover as much as the rest.
I found these responses quite interesting as personally I thought it was quite obvious that it was based on insomnia, however these responses helped me as I think I want my work to be a little more obvious.

Question 3: Do you think number 3 would work as an album cover?
  • Yes, I really like this concept I feel this is the strongest.
  • Yes, really like this one, but perhaps a different image. Maybe a busy street, which may link back to the street drummer in the video.
  • Yes, not your average album cover so it stands out.
  • Without knowledge to the song, I cannot say for sure - however a city scape would allow more idea variation and more to play with.
  • Yes! It's different and unique. I think the landscape image in the square looks good though.
  • The only thing I don't particularly like is the actual landscape - it looks very ordinary (unless this was intended?)
These responses helped me as I wasn't sure whether to use this concept. However, I don't think I like this concept myself and for that reason I won't take it forward.

Question 4: Should number 5 be a photograph or illustration?
  • An illustration - this would look better, more unique and original, as a photo feels commonly placed and slightly resembles a textbook.
  • I think the photo works well, however you could try editing the image so the colours are slightly more vibrant. You could also try doing an illustration and see yourself which works better.
  • I think it works as a photo. If you had enough time I think exploring illustration version would be worth it. I like the hand crafted look that illustrations can sometimes bring. It can be made more cute + personal. It depends if it would still reflect the song or not.
  • I think you should leave it as a photo as there's more detail which is really intriguing.
  • Possibly just a black and white illustration could work.
  • I like it as a photo as it captures how intricate it is. It would take a long time to replicate this into an illustration.
  • I think it'd be nice to see it a an illustration so you can compare.
These responses were useful. Personally looking at it after it has been critted, I think the album art would be unsuccessful, however if I have time I may try to recreate it into an illustration.

Question 5: Is number 4 too simple? Should the colours be edited to be similar to the music video?
  • I think it looks good. It's bright and bold making it stand out. However, out of these 5 this is my least favourite. The others have more to them which I personally like better.
  • I like the concept behind this one and I think it works well even though it's so simple. The colours stand out and you can tell what it is.
  • I like how you've used to colours from the video, however the design is my least favourite as it's obvious which sats its about.
  • Not too simple. The colours are bright & stand out.
  • Keep it the same. I find this interesting as it's not the main focus of the music video.
I found these responses really helpful as some people said stick with it and some people said it's too simple - something I was a little worried about, as it is quite an obvious response.

I think I won't stick with any of these designs and I will try to make my ideas more obvious, however less simplistic so that no one will be able to recreate them/have already created them.

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