Thursday, 12 February 2015

OUGD404 Orphans, Widows & Rivers, Study Task Three (Studio Brief Two)

When designing our own books for this brief, we are going to need to show our knowledge of typesetting. To do this, we will have to avoid orphans, widows and rivers which are all considered bad things. An orphan is when you have one word on a line on its own at the end of a paragraph. These are easily gotten rid of by editing the tracking on lines and moving words down until it adds others to the bottom line.

A widow is when you have one line at the end of a paragraph on its own in a seperate column, which can be seen above. You can get rid of these by splitting up paragraphs, reducing the leading and widening columns.

Rivers are gaps left in between words that flow through your column. They're common in justified type and can easily be got rid of by flushing your type to the left or to the right. You still see these in flushed type sometimes but these can be got rid of by editing the tracking.

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