Sunday, 15 February 2015

OUGD406 Final 5 Designs and Final Crit (Studio Brief One)

Below are the final designs that I came up with, and I am happy with each and every one of them. I changed my whole approach since the interim crit as I wasn't too happy with the designs as they felt very simple and didn't match the song that I was trying to respond to too well. All of the designs below are in response to the song Digital Witness by St. Vincent.

The design below is based on the idea that technology consumes us, based on the lyric 'people turn the TV on, it looks just like a window'. I took this photograph by putting my camera on self-timer, and wearing all black, including putting a pair of tights on my head so that I was completely faceless. I think put the tv on a plain white, and used this as my complete lightsource. I think the design is really effective as all you can see are my hands and it kind of questions what technology is doing to us, it's almost robotic, which was inspired by the movement of people in the music video.

This design is based on the lyric 'I want all of your mind' and is incredibly simple, yet I believe the concept to be strong. It is based on the company apple who use the exact same style of branding to sell their products. You can tell it's based on this by the use of the lowercase 'i'. I think this is one of my strongest designs.

The design below is based on the coding of technology and also how we are being brainwashed and addicted to technology. I used the lyric 'confession' as I want it to be obvious that the technology companies should confess to the corruption and lack of privacy that people now have, as they are dependent on technology in day to day life. I used abstract colours to echo the colours used in the music video, and it also makes it abstract which I think its successful.

This design is also based on the lyric 'confession' and it has the same concept, however I changed the pixel distortion to the word instead of the background. I think this is also successful as it has the same message as the previous design. 

The final design is based on the idea of insomnia, based on the lyric 'I stopped sleeping'. I used black and white to echo the idea of being very awake in darkness, which is what insomnia is really. I am, however, unsure if I should use the lyric on the album design or not, as I think it is successful with both.

In the group crit, we were only allowed to show 2 final designs, so I decided I would show the two below. We had a similar style of group crit to the interim crit, however we worked in pairs and wrote in a lot more detail which I thought would be a lot more helpful in refining the final designs.

The sheet below was written by Charlotte & Drew, and they were critting the colourful 'confession' album. Their assessment was really helpful, especially the part where they told me to redo the curning of the type, as I was unsure about this myself.

This particular sheet didn't leave a name who critted it, however I didn't find the information they had written very helpful as they suggested I try a different font for the 'iWantallofyourmind', however the font was chosen very specifically as it is the type that apple uses for their adverts - Myriad Pro.

The next crit was written by Liam and Lo, and they said that the word 'confession' could insinuate that it's the title of the song, which I also agree with so might get rid of the type completely.

The final sheet was written by Becky and Chris, and they said that the iPhone inspired design was very successful, powerful yet simple. 

I found this crit really useful as we weren't there to see what people have written or to explain the concept, the pair had to work out what the concept was from the design, which will be the same when Secret 7 assess the work. I think my strongest concept was definitely the design based on Apple.

We were then asked to create a small summary of the artwork that we have created in 140 characters as that's the limit we have to submit when we actually submit to Secret 7. To do this, I used Twitter as the limit for a tweet is also 140 characters. 

For the design 'confession', I summarised it like so:

For the design 'iWantallofyourmind', I summarised it like so:

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