Sunday, 15 February 2015

OUGD406 Research of Social Networking (Studio Brief One)

Before I started designing my own responses to a particular song, I wanted to look into the designs that people had already done for the competition. To do this, I took to social networking as some people post their designs online once they have been submitted. There weren't many that had been posted online and I think that this is due to people wanting to keep their designs secret until the competition entry date is over, as they don't want people to get ideas from their own designs. However, I did manage to find a couple.

I found this design on Tumblr. I think this design is really simplistic however it's really effective as I think the texture used works really effectively over the hexagons. I think this design is for the artist St. Vincent - Digital Witness, as the music video uses a similar colour scheme and is very geometric and modern, similar to this particular sleeve.

I also found these responses all by the same designer. I think these particular responses are for the song Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel, as they are incredibly abstract and this is echoed in the music video. It could also be for The Chemical Brothers, as the video is also very abstract and almost trippy.

Finally, I found this design. I think this particular design is for The Chemical Brothers - Let Forever Be, as the music video features girls dancing around and I think this looks very similar, however I am unsure as the colour scheme is incredibly different. I think it's a successful design either way, as the illustrations are really nice and it is definitely kept secret which song the art is responding to.

I found looking through art that is in this years competition really helpful, as it gave me an idea of which artist to focus my own designs on and also the styles in which some people are using.

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