Saturday, 25 October 2014

OUGD404 Anamorphic Typography

We brought some cardboard into uni and were split into groups, in which we were told to create an anamorphic letter, focusing on depth of field and gradient. To begin this task, we had to figure out a letter to use and decide where we would split the letter.  We decided we would use the typeface 'Myriad Pro' as a starting point for our letter, and we chose a lowercase 'a'. below is how we decided to split the letter.

We then created this letter out of cardboard and painted each piece a different colour of grey, so when we hung them they would have a kind of gradient. Below are some photos of the process. Our letter was definitely unsuccessful as we didn't consider the perspective of the letter, and therefore the parts got a lot bigger as the got closer and closer to the viewfinder. Other than that, however, the gradient and placement of the letters was successful. It was also successful as it only looked (almost) right from the viewfinder, if you stood anywhere else it was quite difficult to tell what the letter was.

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