Friday, 24 October 2014

OUGD403 Vector Type (Studio Brief Two)

For study task two, we have to develop our type created from the previous brief and make a fully functional vector type using Adobe Illustrator.

We will have to create vector images as if we created a bitmap image, for example by using Photoshop, the image would be made out of pixels, and when enlarged it would become blurry and pixelated. Vector images, on the other hand, is similar to a mathematical image, in the sense it can be enlarged and recalulated and will still be smooth and clear to read.

In the group crit, I showed the people in my group my final idea for my typeface and they agreed that it's a relevant typeface for the word 'mature', and also that it would definitely work as a full typeface. Below are the letterforms that I designed for my typeface. I found it quite difficult to design some of the letters as predicted, such as the B, P and O. However, I have figured out that when I follow a specific measurement and specific rules, the letters do follow the pattern. I also found the F quite difficult and I think it might need refining, however the general shape is pretty close to how it will be once I have illustrated it.

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