Sunday, 19 October 2014

OUGD403 Research, Seblester (Studio Brief One)

My friend heard about my brief and showed me the typogapher Sebastian Lester (Seblester on instagram) who's work can also be found on his website HERE. His typography is incredibly slick. His type is all made by hand and then reworked on Adobe illustrator and Photoshop. I particularly enjoy his piece entitled 'Simple', which can be seen below. I really enjoy it as it has an element of humour, as the type couldn't possibly be more detailed. I think the concept is really strong, as it shows that keeping it simple isn't always easy.

Another piece of his work I enjoy is called 'So Much To Do' and can be viewed below. I think it's a really good type as it's readable and clear, and really conveys the lack of interest in the things he has to do. I think the colours are used really well as the blue background contrasts incredibly well with the gold type. I also think it's effective as the blue background can also be viewed through the type in certain letterforms, which really emphasises the fact that he can't be bothered. I also think the poster really relates to me as when I get stressed I tend to do anything but the thing that's stressing me out.

His instagram is incredible as he creates short videos of him creating certain types. His instagram page can be found HERE

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