Wednesday, 22 October 2014

OUGD403 Type Development (Studio Brief One)

To design my typeface, I decided I would draw out the letter M from the font Futura. I chose the letter M as it is the first letter of the word mature, which made me focus on keeping the design focused on the word. There wasn't really a specific reason for me to use an uppercase M, I just think it is a lot easier to work with, which will be helpful to get me in the swing of things and will also be easier to create some rules for my type. 

Above is the first six letterforms I have designed. The firsts concept is that adults are typically more mature than children. To display this, I made the font bolder and thicker, and also gave it curves to show development from the original type. The second letterform is a similar concept, however it is about elderly people. To show this, I thinned down the type to make it look slightly frail and old. The concepts are also the same with the next two letterforms, however to make the frail typeface look even older, I added serifs, which are very post-modern.  I then went back to the basic futura and added serifs, which can be seen in five and six. II don't think these letterforms will be my final type, as they are a little too simple and also too similar to Futura.

Above is two letterforms that are based on mature wine. I decided I should look closer at the word mature and create a type on things that are physically mature. To show the wine, I created liquid waves within the type. I think these are really nice, especially as they work as half letters, as you can still read them. The next two letterforms are based physically as well. The first letterform is based on maturity of the brain, so I changed Futura into a brain design. I think this works quite well, however it would be too complex as a typeface. I then created a letterform based on mature cheese. I think this is really effective as you can tell that the letter is based on cheese, however it's not too complicated and it still works as a typeface.

These two types are based on development of maturity. The first letterform is extended to show growth and the second gets thicker as the font develops. I think these two letterforms could definitely work as a typeface, particularly the second. I think that's my favourite so far as it's simplistic but quite a lot different than the original.

These two letterforms are also based on development and growing up. The type would get bigger as the letter develops. I think these looks really slick, however I don't think they'd be successful as they look a little too complex for a typeface. 

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