Monday, 13 October 2014

OUGD403 Alphabet Soup (Studio Brief One)

This is the mindmap that we created as a group based on the word "Traditional", which I think definitely opened up our minds and made us go off tangents from the word instead of focusing incredibly closely, which will definitely help me when I create a mindmap and begin research for my own word, which is the word "mature". I think the word traditional worked out really well and would be really interesting to create a typeface based on, as it covers subject areas such as folklaw, fairytales and tribes, which could be really fun to work with.

This is the mindmap that I have now created for the word that I picked out of the hat, which is the word 'mature'. I think it could be quite an interesting word to create a typeface to as there are around 5 different routes to go down, such as food, technology and development. I think the most effective typeface that I could create will be based on the development aspect, as there is a lot of areas that I could experiment with, such as the height of the letterform, or even try breaking the letter up. Before I begin designing, however, I am going to research into letterforms as I have not done a lot of work with specifically typography, and I feel I will definitely benefit if I have a bigger knowledge of type.

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