Monday, 13 October 2014

OUGD403 Presentation Feedback (Study Task One)

I didn't get a lot of feedback on my presentation, it was more questions about myself, such as which movie soundtracks I enjoyed most and who were the people that make me happiest. However, Simon said my presentation was good, although I could've looked into the fonts used in my presentation, such as Netflix and The Ferry Tavern. I thought this was very useful feedback, however I know I can't relate very well with a typeface that uses serifs, as I think I'm quite an immature person and serifs show maturity and are quite old. As for the Netflix logo, the type 'Zurich Ultra Condensed' was used, which I think is similar to both Futura and Helvetica, as they are all sans serif types, however the history and background of Futura was the fact that ultimately made me choose it.

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