Thursday, 23 October 2014

OUGD403 Type Development (Studio Brief One)

Below are the letterforms that I am now considering taking forward. I think the letterform directly below could be successful, however it is quite complex and I'm not sure how it would work with the rest of the typography.
I really don't think the letterform below will work at all, as the angle of the cut outs are only really relevant to the letter 'M', I think the other letters will need different angled slants, which I believe will make the letterforms not work as a typeface.

I think the letterform below could definitely be successful, however I might struggle on other letters, such as letters with curves and counters. I will only really be able to tell if I experiment with other letters.

I think the letter below could definitely work as a typeface, however it doesn't look too different to the original typeface, and I don't think it will really fit to the word mature as closely as I would like.

I think the letterform below could definitely be successful as it's really simple and would be easy to edit the other letterforms to the same style. I also think its effective as you can tell it's still Futura. However, the letter does look scarily close to Futura Condensed, which would make it quite a pointless type.
I will show the above letterforms to the next group crit and see which letterform everyone thinks I should take forward. I will also take into account my own personal opinion and decide from there which typeface I will develop further.

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