Thursday, 4 December 2014

OUGD405 Final Images (Studio Brief One)

These are the final images that I have created to be used as backing paper, based on the dreams. I think my images are really effective as they look exactly how I had hoped, and aim to tell a very short story within the frames.

To complete these frames, I am now going to add the sizes of the frames and some information about the frame. Below are my final images. I am actually really proud of these as I think they really work as a short series of images, and I love the fact that they tell a story, even if the story is pretty basic. 

To make them feel like complete backing paper, I am now going to edit them into some frames so I can get an idea of what they would look like. I think they're really successful and look well suited in the frame. I imagined them in a black frame, however, so I am going to try find one online.

I found this frame online, and I think I think it is a lot more successful as the colours of the frame really work with the darkness of the images and doesn't distract the eye. I also think it's successful as it's easier to follow the sequence of the images and you can tell that they are a set as they all have the same colour scheme and concept. 

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