Wednesday, 18 May 2016

OUGD505 Product Range Distribution - Module Evaluation (Studio Brief One & Two)

This module has been one of my most enjoyable modules to date on this course. It has been really engaging with current campaigns and movements, which is something I really love to work with as it feels as though you are making a difference within the world, or have potential to. However, both studio briefs have been very challenging due to there only being two studio briefs in the module, meaning the body of work had to be a lot more researched and explained than most briefs. I think this has been very beneficial for myself as a designer, however, as from now on I am going to try to tackle every brief in a similar way.

My attendance for this module has been around 80%. This mainly at the beginning of the project as I was falling behind in other modules that were due in before this, and therefore I put them first. This is due to my poor time management, however for the second brief I managed to turn this around and ended up with loads of time to explore lots of different pathways for the campaign.

I really enjoyed taking part in the study tasks and I believe they really helped me engage in the project as they were relevant and thought-provoking. I also really enjoyed attending the workshop held by Intern Magazine, as this is a magazine I have been following for a while and it was really interesting to find out first-hand about the concept of the publication. This was also really inspiring as I enjoy publication design and it is something I would love to explore even further in third year.

I think a success of this module was definitely pushing myself to analogue print some of my outcomes. I often don’t create outcomes that are fit to be printed in this method, however for this module the first brief required it as a deliverable, and it influenced me to screen print for the second brief as well.

Another success of this module was the concept-driven projects. I find it a lot easier and more engaging to work with a project that has a really strong concept, which is why I took a lot of time out to thoroughly research each brief and make sure the concept was as strong as it could possibly be. In turn, this definitely helped with my final deliverables as they are a lot stronger than they would’ve been without a strong concept.

A weakness of this module was my organisation for studio brief one, as at the beginning of the module I had a lot of other modules to catch up on. This was also a weakness due to the fact if I had spent more time on the project at the beginning, I might’ve had more time to book a tutorial and learn a new printing technique. However, I did manage to catch up by the second studio brief, and I planned well ahead and booked print slots and got a screen stripped and ready prior to having a solid design for it. This is something I will definitely take forward into third year, as it was really reassuring knowing that everything was ready to go as soon as the designs were ready. 

Overall, this module has not only helped me to produce really strong concepts and projects, it has also been very interesting due to the fact that I have been able to research into projects that I actually care about. It has also been very challenging to try to get a concept across about an opinionated campaign, but trying to avoid causing uproar, however I believe I achieved this through my designs. If I were to have more time on this project, it would’ve been really interesting to put more time into studio brief two and to put the smoothies into an actual shop and see if anyone would pick them up and read the miniature publication attached. It would’ve also been interesting to brand a pop up shop or cafe that would go along with the project, as in the research I found out that this is how Innocent became a developed brand.

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